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Clean and Tune up your PC

  • Virus Removal
  • Ad-Ware Removal
  • System Cleanup
  • Security Check
  • Performance Recovery


Residential Service Rates

Remote Virus Removal: $39.00/Flat Fee
24 Hours / 7 Days

What does Lane IT do?

  • A full virus, spyware and threat scan
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Clean system of hidden trash files
  • System check and adjusted against security threats
  • Improve performance by cleaning and making adjustments

What do you get?

  • More secure system
  • More stable system
  • Faster running computer
  • No more annoying pop-ups and fake warnings

When do you get it?

  • Right now, we can log into your system remotely and get started right away
  • If you live in the Galveston Island Fort Worth area we can go on-site or pick-up and Drop-Off your system

How long does it take?

  • It depends on how infected your system is, how many files you have, how large your hard drive is, also some viruses require manual removal that can take some time.  (Typically your system will be tied up from 1 to 3 hours) 

Symptoms you need this service.

  • Your computer is displaying pop-ups
  • You are redirected to other web pages
  • Your home page changes automatically
  • Your computer's performance is slow and unstable
  • Your wallpaper changes
  • You are constantly warned of virus threats

What is required?

  • For remote service you will need internet service to your system
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Media Center

How do you get started?



Contact us online

  • (409) 356-6100



Remote Desktop Support

This is a safe, simple, inexpensive and fast way to resolve your technical concerns.


No appointment is necessary, if there is a technician available you can get started right now.

Here's how it works

  • Quick Start: Get started by simply clicking the contact button below and provide us with your contact information.


More With The Profile Page

You may use the profile page to do more such as connect with a Lane IT Agent, Download Software, Check for available technicians.  The Profile screen will look like this:


  • Contact Technician: Get stared by clicking the Contact Me button on the profile page, fill out the quick form, this will alert any available technicians that you require service.

  • Download Software Application: You will see a free download button you may prepare for the remote service call by downloading and installing the small software utility from this profile page.

  • Quickly Check for Available Technician's: If you see the the icon on the profile page a technician is available to serve you immediately.

Remote Desktop Service is offered to you over the Internet

If you elect to receive Remote Desktop support, then an Agent remotely logs on through your high-speed Internet connection to view your computer desktop. You have complete control of the remote session and any future remote logins as well. Desktop may involve the installation of software on your computer that will allow your Agent to provide the services.

By electing to receive remote support, you agree to allow your Agent to use whatever tools deemed necessary to repair your computer, including remote access. You understand that if remote access is used on your computer, you may choose to leave this remote login software on your system, remove it or ask that your agent remove it for you. Just a reminder when using CrossLoop Remote Agent software, you have complete control of when anyone is allowed to remotely log-in to your system.

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